To find out how we can imagine a post-corona world in the year 2030, we contacted 11 of our Trend Receivers in Europe, China, and the U.S. to revisit the topics of our project. We also spoke with an expert on existential risk to enhance the validity of our findings. This was not a broad study. It was a temperature check. What did we find?
We learned that many of the predicted changes and desires are accelerated and enhanced by the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the strong signals in our study, our yearning for community and belonging, for family or the support of our peers, is felt even more sharply in this time of social distancing.
»We are already living in parts of 2030 now. How we connect, use tech, community, health.
The crisis is a learning lab. It has crystallized and compressed what would have taken years.«
We learned that our relationship with technology underwent quick and profound change. Its embeddedness in everyday life increased rapidly – as did our reliance on its power to connect us to the world. We also learned that the sum of many individuals making changes in everyday life can amount to visible impact. We flattened the curve and we cleared the air and the water.
Like everything else, the Foresight Academy was stopped in its tracks earlier this year. The power of our cross-industry format – gathering in one place and discussing, taking walks together and having conversations to overlay and contrast different perspectives – was in danger. But like everyone else, we moved online. It is powerful to get an inside perspective of how 13 companies in 10 different industries deal with the Corona pandemic in real time. Who knew that video calls could be this inspiring
»After we see the waters in Venice we see what we are able to do – we were forced, but now we know. I hope we don’t forget.«