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Open Foresight embraces a collaborative spirit that brings together diverse perspectives, expertise, and ideas from individuals and organizations. Get to know our various collaborative initiatives and new methods that explore the evolution of Foresight practice.



The Open Foresight Hub is a platform based on open and collaborative wiki principles. It enables the exchange of views about futures and the forces shaping them. It is a space for everyone to come together. On the Hub, foresight professionals as well as the future-curious can find a library of research publications, an encyclopaedia of foresight-related terms, players, and methods, and a deep dive on global change drivers. Get involved in the growing community of collaborating practitioners!


How can we use Science Fiction in our Foresight work? Motives & Fiction is a joined research project of the Foresight Academy and the Technical University of Ingolstadt, Germany. The research project identified interesting overlaps and differences between the science fiction genre and Foresight. Together with the students of the Technical university we identified what we can learn from Sci-Fi movies, books, TV series and cartoons about plausible and surprising aspects of future everyday life.


This joint project between the Foresight Academy and students of TH Ingolstadt explores video games as possible sources for Foresight. During the research project, students asked questions such as "Can video games be a trend indicator for the future?" and "Can games provide us technological and emotional insights into future everyday life?" We're happy to present the findings of this collaboration.


In our new Creative Foresight section, we’re exploring methodologies that combine critical thinking with the ideas and imagination of creative worlds such as images and stories. Creative Foresight delves into more intangible fields and relies on inspiration, curation, and interpretation.


by Dr. Rupert Hofmann, Author Trend Receiver methodology, initiator Foresight Academy, observational draftsman, and Foresight Strategist at Audi Business Innovation GmbH

Part 1 of the series will illuminate the significance of visionary competence and its applications, diving deeper into topics like recognizing opportunities and creating visions, identifying Trend Receivers, and the interplay of data and visionary competence.
For the full video (24 min)
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Visionary Competence

Author: Dr. Rupert Hofmann
In the fall of 2023, we will continue with Part 2 and 3 of the initial trilogy, focusing on how to gain insights from visual content marketplaces and social media analysis.
Stay tuned for more innovative Foresight methods!